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Refer a friend and make some cash. When you refer a friend who’s a great fit for one of our open roles, and the friend you referred then gets the job and accepts it, you get a referral bonus on their first payday. Limited time only.

Best Tech Recruiters values your referrals. We want to make sure you know how much we appreciate the time you take and the trust you put in us when you refer your friends. We offer a referral bonus for active jobs in our system.

Current Referral Bonus Offer: 300 USD



Job: Sr. Product Manager, Security
Post Date: May 17, 2017
Company: Security Start-up
Location: Tel Aviv area, Israel
Type: Full Time Employee (FTE)
Referral Bonus: ₪1073 new shekels


Description: The position is at an up and coming Startup in the Tel Aviv area. They recently were recognized at the RSA show for their break through product. They protect businesses from tomorrow’s threats today. They have a unique, cutting edge approach that hasn’t been done before that’s getting remarkable results. They’re growing like crazy both in Israel and in the US and Europe. They’re looking at new attack vectors beyond APTs and zero-day attacks.


  • BSc (BA considered pending experience)
  • Security Product Manager 3+ years
  • Endpoint Security Experience
  • Fluent in English and Hebrew

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Matching your friend with his/her dream job feels pretty great! And the bragging rights aren’t bad either. Although you may not be ready to make a move, Best Tech Recruiters strives to identify amazing jobs disrupting markets in new cutting edge areas, riding the hottest trends leading to exponential growth. These are the kinds of jobs that our candidates fall in LOVE with, and your friends will too.

Disclaimer: All referrals must be new candidates or clients to Best Tech Recruiters, have not applied to the Employer or their subsidiaries within the past 8 months, make it through the interview process to receive the formal offer, and must accept the job or assignment in order to qualify. Best Tech Recruiters will confirm eligibility. Only once referral candidates make it to their first payday will the referral bonus be paid. Referring oneself is not a valid referral and will not be eligible for a referral bonus. Referral Bonus Program is subject to change.